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My Story

I joined Forever Living Products 1st of November 1998 investing 1000 usd in 2 starter boxes, one to use my self and one to sell,  skeptic but open minded !

1st month i did not sell any products, because i got very busy recruiting new distributors to my team, by showing the products and the marketing plan.

18 days after my start i was a new manager ( active manager average earns aprox 2000 usd a month in bonuses),  6 days later i have helped my first team member to become a manager,  3 months later i got a free car and 5 month later a even bigger car on level 3 car level incentive.

Later i had helped 25 of my 1st line team members to become a manager, which made me to Diamond manager.

Today i am one of the world top leaders out of 10 million distributors.   My team is expanding constantly last 16 years in 20 countrys around the world, and have earned aprox 200 mio usd , and NO one have ever lost money !!

3000 new distributors in 158 countries are joining with a free license, investing in some start products , EVERY 24 hours 365 days i year !!

Why not you, and why not in my successfully  team !?

I am in this moment looking for 5 new team leaders, who has big dreams, positive and open minded, and ready to work hard from leisure or full time to make a big business !

Look forward to hear from you !


Work fulltime on your job and leisure time on your fortune !